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In a world where everything is in a relationship, what is the role of design?
The Polimi Design System (the School of Design, the Department of Design, and POLI.Design) presents “INTERDEPENDENCE - Designing Relationships”, a set of initiatives to reflect on relationships and connections through a selection of projects by design students.

We are deeply immersed in a network of relationships that is an integral part of each of us; to understand the infinite complexity of our world, we often tend to isolate particular aspects of an event or experience and see them as constituting the totality, narrowing our perspective. In reality, each choice we make, even the act of not choosing, has consequences that may not be immediately apparent, but it is essential to understand and move to action with awareness.

The recognition of interdependence fosters cooperation, collaboration, and the acknowledgement of shared responsibilities. It underscores the importance of considering the broader implications of actions and decisions, as they often have ripple effects that extend beyond immediate boundaries.

Design, as a discipline interconnected with a variety of systems, acts as a catalyst and inherently has the potential and responsibility to foster and shape innovative, conscious, and collaborative relationships.

The Polimi Design System organizes a widespread event taking place in three main venues in Milan - Fabbrica del Vapore, Campus Bovisa Durando, and Salone Satellite - plus a constellation of other locations populating the city.

At the Fabbrica del Vapore, INTERDEPENDENCE takes the shape of an international exhibition mixing and matching the projects of the students of Politecnico di Milano (Design, Architecture, and Engineering) with those of students from almost 50 design universities from all over the world.
The exhibition collects 150 projects and is animated by a palimpsest of initiatives. The opening of the exhibition will be on Tuesday, April 16, at 18:30.

The Campus Bovisa Durando hosts the DesignXDesigners exhibition, with a display of works by students from the Polimi Design System.

At the Salone Satellite, a dedicated stand presents the study programs of the School of Design and showcases student’s works through an interactive installation.